Photot Gallery Photo Gallery
Brandon at the     controls of the 200 x 300
Bringing it home
      in MN.
   Here comes our          pipe on a remote project in Mississippi 
If Chuck's happy,      we're happy
  Beatrice, NE
 In the mountains near Eagle, CO.
Moving The Rig on    Williston, ND             Project
Larry on the move   in Williston, ND
Winter arrives on       Willsiton, ND               Project
  Williston, ND in          February
     Drilling in Ft. Lauderdale, FL near      the airport.
20" Gas Pipe in.         Tulsa, OK
 Rock Bore Hole
Hammering out a      bore pit in             Tulsa, OK
Pulling pipe in         Tulsa, OK
 1,600 Feet of 16" gas pipe in Kansas      City, MO
 Reclaimer in Kansas                City, MO 
Pulling 16" pipe in    Kansas City, MO
Mid welds made for a long day in KC, MO
  Rail Road tracks limited our space on      the pipe side
2 ea 800 LF bores placed 8" pipe for     Kinder Morgan near Fullerton, NE
Waiting for the sun to come up before we start work near Fullerton, NE
Sucking up mud with   the vac truck near       Fullerton, NE
  The first bore is ready to be tied in 
near Fullerton, NE
Pulling the 2nd 8" pipe       into place near              Fullerton, NE
 4,200 LF of 16" Gas pipeline near       Montrose, PA
Pulling Pipe near               Montrose, PA
   Bill and Daren locating in Williston,              ND
   Bill directing the operator in McKinney,                 TX
36x50 Drill Crew in    McKinney, TX
Drilling crew near Elk           City, OK
Geothermal Well Drilling     in a tight side yard
   Geothermal Well Drilling in Omaha, NE
Geothermal Well Drilling in a back              yard
Plowing in Fiber near     Rockport, MO